The biggest misconception about self-confidence is not how other people think of you, it’s about what you think of yourself. Everything we think and do effects our confidence and self-esteem.  When you believe in yourself, it will definitely help to boost your confidence level through the roof.  Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!



Forbes writer Susan Murphy shared some of her favorite tips on ways to be more confident.

  • Start taking action.

Sometimes when we think too much, we end up discouraging our self not to do it. So the next we time we feel like we want to do something, Just do it! It doesn’t need to be perfect all the time and if you make mistakes then take it as a lesson. There is no harm in trying.

  • Own your success.

Of course it’s always good to stay humble but when we achieve something after all our hard work then there’s nothing wrong to be proud of it. When we achieve something great, try not to think that it’s just “luck” or that it wasn’t very difficult. In order to value confidence, we need to value our self first.

  • Monitor your self-talk.

Nobody is born with a fear latched to their body. We only develop  fear over time and everybody has something that they’re scared of just like you. When we want to do something, try to change our style of self-talk. Focus only on positive thoughts and if it turns negative, snap out of it!



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  • Stay away from negative people.

If we ever get that insecure feeling when we meet our friends, it’s better we distance ourselves from those people. If they suck all of the positivity, confidence and self-esteem out of us then it’s time we realize they are not good for us. Keep only positive & supportive people in your circle.

  • Fake it till you make it

If you don’t feel confident inside, then fake it on the outside by changing your body language. Try to stand or sit confidently, open stance, shoulders back, chin up, and good eye contact with our audience. If we do this for 2 minutes, we will become more confident! Smiling for 2 seconds can also make us happier.

  • Find your sense of humor.

Laughing increases endorphins which are 200 times more powerful than morphines can. In normal language, humor produce more fluid in our body that makes us happy. Our mood can change completely if we are exposed to humor and it instantly makes us more comfortable and confident.

  • Develop your attitude of gratitude.

Think back and remember how much people have done for us and how much we have accomplished will make us feel more confident. Confident people aren’t always happy but they are always grateful.


Credits: Susan Murphy

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