Dropbox, one of the biggest names in free online storage right now. Even with numerous competitions providing the same service such as SugarSync, Windows Live SkyDrive, and However Dropbox manage to stand out among the rest and was able to build a fan base.

Check out the list of features written by Steve Kovach that will makes people use Dropbox free account as it’s the best file storage service right now.

  • Dropbox syncs with everything

The most favored feature of Dropbox is that it syncs with everything and can be accessed by any kind of gadgets. We can use the web, mobile device, or any other computer linked to our account to access our files.

  • Sharing files is easy

It also solves the problem for people who want to share a junk load of file with a bunch of people. Non Dropbox user can also view our files because we can create a public folder which can be accessed and download for anyone.

  • Dropbox has an app on every device

No matter what kind of device we’re using, dropbox is available to be downloaded as an app/software. This makes it easy when we’re on the go and need to access the file using our mobile phones/tablets.

  • Integrates directly with your PC

When we download the software in our pc, files can easily be synced into Dropbox by copy and paste or drag and drop. Thus makes it faster to share files as long the other devices are logged in.

  • Huge selection of third party apps

Dropbox can be viewed as a support system to apps that needs syncing and online storage and it’s not specifically for documents only. We can back up our phone, store contact information, swap music & so much more.

  • Earn more storage by sharing with friends

Initially, we’ll get 2GB of storage for free but if we need to increase the size, all we need to do is invite our friens to make an account too. We’ll get 250MB per person and it can go up to 8GB.


Credits to: Steve Kovach

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