Jacquelyn Smith wrote an amazing story about Wessel who has had success with cold emailing.


She knows anything and everything there is to know about cold emailing. Follow these 6 business email writing tips to get even a stranger excited to open your email.

  • Make the message personal.

Most people use formal words to look professional but it doesn’t really work half of the time. Figure out whether you and the receiver have anything in common? Focus on that and elaborate from that.

  • Keep the email short and sweet

Malaysians are not really know as ‘big readers’, so make sure to minimize you words but the message is still being delivered. If the person is busy, he or she won’t want (or have time) to read a boring essay.

  • Be interactive

Ask them questions, get interactive with your readers. Use words like “I’d like to pick your brain,” or “I’d love to get your advice on something”. Never, ever ask for too much, our main goal to keep them interested and to make believe we have something amazing to offer.

  • Subject line is your life line

Have an eye-catching subject line. Never use words like a robot would. The readers would appreciate more if they feel as if you’re giving them special treatment. Keep it fairly short and to the point.

  • Sell Yourself

Make yourself sound interesting enough that the person wants to meet with you. Use bombastic words but don’t ever exaggerate. You have to make people see the value you have to offer and like any good offer, it sells like Cendol on a hot day. Keep in mind that you should also never lie or brag.

  • Never Forget To Say Thank You

In order to gain their trust, we have to show a good image. Always be polite. Thank the person for his or her time and consideration. They will appreciate that more than you might think.



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Credits : Jacquelyn Smith Careers

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